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GT Entertainment's Story -18 Yrs And Counting

Hi.  My name is James Gordon. The person who initiated the concept of GT Entertainment back in 2004. 

My main goal was to create an avenue for karaoke enthusiasts like myself to enjoy and showcase their singing talent. This mission still holds true for me today.

As someone who frequented karaoke shows by different companies, I noticed that there were many areas that needed improvement. I aimed to bring about a higher standard of consistency and sound quality in karaoke hosting. With continuous learning, practical experience, and better equipment, we achieved this goal. Today, the majority of GT Entertainment shows run with our standardized equipment and music library.

Over time, GT Entertainment grew into a team of like-minded individuals who shared my passion for karaoke and music in general. Together, we ensure that our shows are reliable  and constantly

growing. Our team is committed to  delivering the best possible entertainment experience for everyone.As I continued to expand my business, I realized that my services could also benefit corporate events and office parties. I understand that such events require a different atmosphere than your average karaoke night, so I offer a variety of options to make these events more professional and engaging.


My experienced DJs can create a customized playlist to suit any occasion and cater to any musical taste. The DJ’s can provide professional sound and lighting equipment to transform any space into a dance floor. In addition to Karaoke Services we offer interactive games and team building activities to help break the ice and get everyone involved. 

Our team believes that a successful corporate event or office party is one that not only entertains but also helps to build stronger relationships among colleagues. With teams efforts to tailored entertainment options, we can help create an environment that fosters team spirit, boosts morale, and leaves a lasting positive impression on all attendees.

With continuous learning, practical experience, and better sound equipment and technology, we are achieving and maintaining these higher standards.

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